Monday, May 30, 2011

GBE2 "Success"

Success means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Money? Power? Fame?

For many people, accomplishing the goal you set is a success. But I think that you need to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself by stretching a little more in order to move yourself forward to the next level of your own success. By taking consistent and persistent action every day, even in small amounts can move you forward to where you want to go. This in-turn is your own success. It does not have to be money, driving an expensive car(s) or having a big house or more. I believe Success is on your own terms. Typically, everyone uses someone else’s definition of success and never bothers to look at success for themselves. Each person is unique enough to have their own definition of what makes them feel and think they are a success.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

GBE2 "Expectations"

Haaaa..piping hot folgers and extra heavy that's what I call blogging java! *smacks her lips* tasty indeed.

I'm a 'No expectation, No demands' kinda gal. Nah, that's a fat lie... I should have said "I would like to think that I am one of those 'No expectations, No demands' kinda gal" . . . But, I'm not. *sighs*

I feel it is human nature to have certain expectations in life. Such as we purchase something, makes no difference what the item is, and we as the buyer have a certain amount of expectation of whatever for said item purchased. Or, when we do something for others, we have certain expectations there also, such as thankfulness, and respect for doing something nice.

It is when our expectation become so high that they seem to become a problematic issue. Or, when we become so narcissistic that we expect the world to revolve around us. Ha, that seems to be the way of the world these days. *shakes her head and sigh* - I suppose I could go on and on about the human condition and society and the role it plays in our 'expectation' levels etc...but I am just not that deep.. *sticks her tongue out at everybody*

I suspect people tend to expect way to much of themselves. I am also of the mind that we as humans tend to expect others to expect a lot from us also. sound crazy doesn't it. Ha!

Over time comes wisdom and with that wisdom I have come to the idea that I try and not expect too much from anybody, self included, and or anything. Of course I am not an idiot, I expect to get what I pay for, I expect a certain amount of respect and consideration from people, I do expect myself to stay true to who I am. yadda yadda yadda..

....oh, and I expect to really enjoy this GBE2 both blogging and ready all of your blogs. Hope you got what you expected from reading this blog...*giggles*

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not much going on today.

I was all jazzed up to go start ladies league golf today. I woke and happy scrappy lappy, ready to rumble with the old golf hags. Oh yeah, it was a good day. Or so I thought! Ha! pffft!

I discover I am two weeks early for league. WTH!? for reals? Noway jose', tell me it isn't so! CRAP!

Dang'd it all. friggin pissed me off. *sighs* - so I pouted around all morning. Did some spring cleaning, wandered outside and finished mowing the lawn. which suck'd btw, 1 acre of lawn is a lot to do with a regular hand mower... I may invest in a sitting mower since it all seems to be up hill no matter which way I mow the stinkin' lawn. ever notice that, or is it just me? *raises and eyebrow*

Ha, Shrek ran off to golf with the boys..lucky bastard! Men's league starts thursday..they sux! what ever happen to ladies first? dumbasses!

hehehe, remember the guy who told me my little bro was found dead in his car, which wasn't the truth, but anyhow.....everytime i see him on the course, which is every time I am there, he gets all red-faced. I giggles and say hello. but still. Poor sap must be mortified. *giggles* I wonder how long it will take for him to get over the incident? lol

Spring has finally sprung here in western montana..whoo-hooz. lots of rain in May and June, but lots of sunny shine also. I really love the cool breezes with the huge puffy white clouds dotting the big blue skies of Montana.

Spring time in the rockies is something else. I went out and picked wild flowers for the dining room table today. I didn't want it to end. I love the wild flowers that come with spring. Daisy's of every shape size and color abound here. I LOVE daisies. Lots of sunflowers of varying shapes and sizes and colors also.

crapola...fricken phone See ya!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Golf Hags~For rent~ rummage sale

Fresh Folgers, extra heavy cream...Check

tunes in the background...check

Puter...check's been a long time since I sat down to just ramble on in a 'blog'. feels real nice.

*sips her coffee*

"Ahhhhh" folgers..thats good chit!

As I mentioned the other day, I am indeed going to play in the ladies league golf this season. Ohboy, ohboy, ohboy! Will make sure to have a fully charged battery in my cam each week. hehe!

I Love these old golf hags. friggin snobby ass clicky bitches. ;P
I've been stalking the sign up sheet. looking to see who is teaming up with whom, and who is there in general. Im looking for certian golf hags. so far most of them are on the list. Ha! *rubs her hands together in evil excitement*

I will be doing a weekly installment of Golf hags. Golf league is tuesday evenings, so figure on wednesday for the Golf Hags blog.

I'm real curious as to how they will treat my partner..the blind chick. - yes, my partner is legally blind. she can see movement, no color, and larger objects, so i will be her eyes.

If Im honest, I think I am most excited about golfing with my new partner. She has been trying to get a partner for years. She is such a nice lady. Ive known her for probably 15 years now. She is a single mom of 4-5 kids, something like that, who can recall...ha! Anyhow, I use to hire her kids to work around the golf course in trade for school clothes money and such. Great bunch of kids. she has 2 home now and lots of time on her hands..

I know she is beside herself with excitement as am I. *giggles* we are going to wear matching team golf cute is that? hehe!

ewww...eeewww...eeewww...we need a team name. got any suggestions?

how about 'Dynamic duo" *giggles*

I like 'ladybugs'


help me out here.....*winks*

ok, so what else is up with me??? let me think...*smells wood burning*

Oh shit! here is a good one..Im going to attempt a huge rummage sale. Ha! I have called in the troops (lacey and mikey) and we will sell the shit outta all our crap we dont use anymore. I have several storage units filled with boxes. I am also going to clear out the house.

I'm thinking of selling my leather livingroom sofa set. it's one of them sofa's that has recliners in it. ack! , it also has a free standing friggin heavy that I cant move them to vacuum. Shrek suggested I not sell the set and to furnish one of the houses and lease it furnished..I'm thinking that may be a possibility..what do you think..I have entertainment center and t.v., microwave oven, washer and dryer, dining set..I have everything but the bed. Ha! maybe I will buy a new bed or two to add to the house.

how does this grab you...???

For Rent - furnished 3 bedroom 2 bath home-$450.00 a month

Think it will fly???

we can try it for a year and see how it goes. *shrugs again* - Im hoping for a little old lady or little old man or both..winks.

I know I have been threatening to do a furnished house for a couple of years. maybe I will do a summer rental..furnish it, lease it by the week and or weekend for these rich californians who love to summer here. it's a possibility.

I have a home coming open for rent this summer. not exactly sure when since the tenants keeps extending her stay by 30 days. eventually I am going to have to tell her to make up her mind, either stay or go..*giggles*

ohtay loved ones, I suppose I should get got! Im sure there is something I should be doing somewhere. Have an awesome day....


Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm back in business!

Oh, yeahhhhh! I'm black and I'm back..oh wait...I'm white, but that didn't sound as cool as black, which rhymes

Oh, how I have missed blogging. I have so much going on in my noggin and haven't had a proper outlet for it.. Oh, and just in time for the new golf out Hags! :)

How'd u like that pic?? cool, eh? Ha, you can thank Bethie for that trick. she taught me how to navigate and add pics...whoo-hooz! shez my hero! *winks*

Not much going on in this particular blog post. I'm just gearing up for my first blog and over a year...Get the word out, pass this on....don't be shy. *smiles*

I'm thinking I should do a year in revue for 2010 to catch everybody up. yeah, thats a grand idea. That's what I will do firsties. yippee yays!

Take Care kiddies. Hope u check in to read my ramblings. see u there. Peace

bethie teaches the dork how to use this friggin blogger thingy...

am I an idiot or what.???

OMG! It werkz!