Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not much going on today.

I was all jazzed up to go start ladies league golf today. I woke and happy scrappy lappy, ready to rumble with the old golf hags. Oh yeah, it was a good day. Or so I thought! Ha! pffft!

I discover I am two weeks early for league. WTH!? for reals? Noway jose', tell me it isn't so! CRAP!

Dang'd it all. friggin pissed me off. *sighs* - so I pouted around all morning. Did some spring cleaning, wandered outside and finished mowing the lawn. which suck'd btw, 1 acre of lawn is a lot to do with a regular hand mower... I may invest in a sitting mower since it all seems to be up hill no matter which way I mow the stinkin' lawn. ever notice that, or is it just me? *raises and eyebrow*

Ha, Shrek ran off to golf with the boys..lucky bastard! Men's league starts thursday..they sux! what ever happen to ladies first? dumbasses!

hehehe, remember the guy who told me my little bro was found dead in his car, which wasn't the truth, but anyhow.....everytime i see him on the course, which is every time I am there, he gets all red-faced. I giggles and say hello. but still. Poor sap must be mortified. *giggles* I wonder how long it will take for him to get over the incident? lol

Spring has finally sprung here in western montana..whoo-hooz. lots of rain in May and June, but lots of sunny shine also. I really love the cool breezes with the huge puffy white clouds dotting the big blue skies of Montana.

Spring time in the rockies is something else. I went out and picked wild flowers for the dining room table today. I didn't want it to end. I love the wild flowers that come with spring. Daisy's of every shape size and color abound here. I LOVE daisies. Lots of sunflowers of varying shapes and sizes and colors also.

crapola...fricken phone See ya!


  1. Phones are just electronic tethers!!

  2. I 'lose' my phone all day long..especially when golfing...i wont even take it with me...