Monday, May 16, 2011

Golf Hags~For rent~ rummage sale

Fresh Folgers, extra heavy cream...Check

tunes in the background...check

Puter...check's been a long time since I sat down to just ramble on in a 'blog'. feels real nice.

*sips her coffee*

"Ahhhhh" folgers..thats good chit!

As I mentioned the other day, I am indeed going to play in the ladies league golf this season. Ohboy, ohboy, ohboy! Will make sure to have a fully charged battery in my cam each week. hehe!

I Love these old golf hags. friggin snobby ass clicky bitches. ;P
I've been stalking the sign up sheet. looking to see who is teaming up with whom, and who is there in general. Im looking for certian golf hags. so far most of them are on the list. Ha! *rubs her hands together in evil excitement*

I will be doing a weekly installment of Golf hags. Golf league is tuesday evenings, so figure on wednesday for the Golf Hags blog.

I'm real curious as to how they will treat my partner..the blind chick. - yes, my partner is legally blind. she can see movement, no color, and larger objects, so i will be her eyes.

If Im honest, I think I am most excited about golfing with my new partner. She has been trying to get a partner for years. She is such a nice lady. Ive known her for probably 15 years now. She is a single mom of 4-5 kids, something like that, who can recall...ha! Anyhow, I use to hire her kids to work around the golf course in trade for school clothes money and such. Great bunch of kids. she has 2 home now and lots of time on her hands..

I know she is beside herself with excitement as am I. *giggles* we are going to wear matching team golf cute is that? hehe!

ewww...eeewww...eeewww...we need a team name. got any suggestions?

how about 'Dynamic duo" *giggles*

I like 'ladybugs'


help me out here.....*winks*

ok, so what else is up with me??? let me think...*smells wood burning*

Oh shit! here is a good one..Im going to attempt a huge rummage sale. Ha! I have called in the troops (lacey and mikey) and we will sell the shit outta all our crap we dont use anymore. I have several storage units filled with boxes. I am also going to clear out the house.

I'm thinking of selling my leather livingroom sofa set. it's one of them sofa's that has recliners in it. ack! , it also has a free standing friggin heavy that I cant move them to vacuum. Shrek suggested I not sell the set and to furnish one of the houses and lease it furnished..I'm thinking that may be a possibility..what do you think..I have entertainment center and t.v., microwave oven, washer and dryer, dining set..I have everything but the bed. Ha! maybe I will buy a new bed or two to add to the house.

how does this grab you...???

For Rent - furnished 3 bedroom 2 bath home-$450.00 a month

Think it will fly???

we can try it for a year and see how it goes. *shrugs again* - Im hoping for a little old lady or little old man or both..winks.

I know I have been threatening to do a furnished house for a couple of years. maybe I will do a summer rental..furnish it, lease it by the week and or weekend for these rich californians who love to summer here. it's a possibility.

I have a home coming open for rent this summer. not exactly sure when since the tenants keeps extending her stay by 30 days. eventually I am going to have to tell her to make up her mind, either stay or go..*giggles*

ohtay loved ones, I suppose I should get got! Im sure there is something I should be doing somewhere. Have an awesome day....



  1. I like 'Ladybugs' a lot, but then again, I have a thing for ladybugs.

    Shrek's right--furnish the rentals with your old furniture. Used but nice furniture never sells for near what it would cost to buy brand new cheapie stuff, so it's a win-win.

    $450 a month????? Damn! I live in the wrong part of the country.

  2. Me too, Bethie. I really like ladybugs..

    Yeah, I am getting into the furnished house idea. :)